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A dedicated system for helping individuals function and live with ALS by providing them with daily guidance and goals to preserve independence for as long as possible.

WHAT IS OUR VISION? is a service for ALS victims to find guidance and support in overcoming their limitations, to obtain functional independence, and to find pain relief and comfort for as long as possible. We seek and apply methods and approaches that are overseen by physical therapists to bring best approach to fight ALS on daily basis. will provide a managed and customizable physical plan that will set daily goals for individuals with ALS. The strengthening of muscles and increasing range of motion may help in slowing, or even stopping the progression of symptoms. Physical therapy may offset muscle fatigue, cramping, and atrophy. It may allow a higher degree of mobility, and with it, independence.

Through the website, profiles and tracking tools will be made available. The member profiles will be used to find commonalities and connections between ALS victims. Tracking tools will allow members to log the progression of their disease, new stages, slowed progression, pain relief, and advancement. Using our tools and having members log and monitor their weight, heart rate, and overall health, all in a bid will help doctors seek a cure and prepare for the future. will provide a dietary plan to assist victims in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Proper nutrition will also assist in keeping an individual in an acceptable energy range by consuming proper portions of healthy, high-energy foods. They will need this energy to complete daily goals and to overcome hindrances and limitations.

Our resource library will consist of videos of physical therapy sessions featuring professional physical therapists, and individuals who are suffering from ALS. It will also contain home remedies, tips, and advice, also created by victims of ALS, which we will rate to measure its effectiveness. A medical professional or knowledgeable staff member will answer our forums dedicated to member questions. will provide individual and group chat room features for members to share their hopes, advice, fears, and words of inspiration with one another.


An idea for ALSFight originated from Michal's personal struggle with this disease. Michal's father started experiencing initial symptoms in 2013. Doctors unable to help or guide rehabilitation efforts sent Michal's father home. With limited resources and medical knowledge available to manage this illness, Michal found inspiration in physical therapy as a technique to prolong independence and slow down illness spread. With little time wasted, Michal started daily exercises with his dad using stretching and weightless exercises. Thankfully, rapid weight lose has stopped and, so far, Michal's dad continues to maintain the same weight and the same body dexterity. It was Michal's dad who asked to start video taping their session and sharing them online with others. From this suggestion, an initiative for ALSFight has started.


We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of patients diagnosed with ALS. We can give them hope, support them in living an independent life, and help them fight it. ALS affects thousands of people. We want to fight to stop this, but we cannot do it alone. We need your support. We need your funding to make this service come to life and start helping those in need. Help us provide daily guidance for those affected, and hopefully take a step foward to an ALS free future. Make a difference by pledging support to the fight against ALS. Your gift today might just take us that extra mile to realizing our vision, and for it, we are extremely grateful.


Make a difference by pledging support to the fight against ALS. Your gift today might just take us an extra mile to realizing our vision, and for it, we are extremely grateful.


ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is also known as Motor Neurone Disease (MND), or Lou Gehrig's Disease. It is the most commonly diagnosed motor neuron disease of the five known and classified. This is due to the degeneration of both upper, and lower motor neurons. It is a rapidly progressive disease, which encompasses muscle weakness, spasms, atrophy, complications with swallowing, speaking, breathing, and, eventually, death.


The beginning stages of ALS will depend on which motor neurons become damaged first. 75% of all sufferers experience what is known as "limb onset". Cramping and twitching of the arms and legs with difficulty swallowing and slurred speech are only the beginning symptoms. These symptoms progress very rapidly. With muscle stiffness and pain comes atrophy, due to the loss of controlled limb movement. Movement becomes involuntary, spastic, and unpredictable.

Victims of this disease will begin to experience difficulty with activities that require dexterity. They will notice that running or even walking takes more focus and effort. Stumbling or tripping will become more frequent. Using their hands for tasks such as typing or picking up a pen become awkward struggles. These simple tasks become a hardship and a great obstacle. Certain words also become difficult to pronounce. Controlled jaw, mouth, and lip movements become painful and tedious.

A smaller number of sufferers of ALS will experience the loss of tongue mobility, respiratory complications, and even dementia in the beginning stages. Respiratory problems are the result of the intercostal muscles becoming distressed, which support breathing. This is also known as "Respiratory onset". Dementia results from Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration. This neurodegenerative onset has similar characteristics to Alzheimer's Disease.


The symptoms attributed to ALS vary when it comes to the range (whether multiple onsets are experienced), the magnitude (how strong the initial onset of symptoms are), and the order (which areas of the body are affected first). However, the progression remains prompt and persistent. The symptoms experienced in the beginning stages will only intensify, spreading throughout the body until it engulfs new areas and regions until every aspect of ALS symptoms become present.


As the symptoms progress and intensify, what was once experienced as complications or impediments, are now becoming impossible. In the terminal stages of ALS, victims experience a total loss of arm and hand movement. They lose their ability to walk, or even stand. Sufferers experience an absolute loss of tongue movement, speech, and even the ability to chew and swallow food.

What was once a struggle to lose weight because of the immobility brought on by ALS now becomes a struggle to maintain a healthy weight due to the inability to chew and swallow. Many sufferers must be fed intravenously or with a feeding tube during the late stages just to receive nourishment.

Respiratory complications worsen to the point of using an artificial breathing apparatus. As the intercostal muscles that support breathing begin to fail, external ventilation machines are used. The BPAP, or Bilateral Positive Airway Pressure, method is most commonly used as a temporary relief system. Eventually, victims must have a tracheotomy in order to receive permanent mechanical ventilation. In-patient care is usually recommended at this juncture. In most cases, victims die due to respiratory failure, or because of the onset of pneumonia.

It is estimated that ALS affects over 30,000 people living in the United States and 350,000 people worldwide. There is NO cure, and most doctors have no way of treating this disease. A public awareness and action is needed in order to fight ALS. Only together we can defeat this appalling illness.


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